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About the Coach

Reid Rasmussen CoCounder & CEO freshbenies​

"After you become good as a public speaker the toughest thing to find is someone who can coach you to make significant leaps in the caliber of your presentations. Arthur is one of those coaches.....Seriously - if you make money by talking, you owe it to yourself & your business to meet with Arthur!"​   

Brian McLaren – Author “A New Kind Of Christian”

....the imaginative dramatic talents of Arthur Morton - passionate (even humorous) acting, staging, lighting, body movement, a few carefully selected but powerfully evocative props, and deep sensitivity to the narrative flow of the text. A top-drawer actor bringing to ear, eye, mind and heart the most riveting and transcendent” 

Kent Smith DDS

"My speaking income has increased by 700% in 2009, and I owe it to Arthur for helping me find my voice. I could now retire from the practice of dentistry if I chose to, and would do so if I didn't love it so much. Thank you, Arthur, for allowing me to practice because I WANT to, rather than because I HAVE to." Kent Smith DDS


Public Speaker Training for Todays Leaders

Public Speaker Training that gets Results! One on one coaching for individuals, classes for groups and online training. We remove what is blocking you, free your voice, simplify content, wrap it in story and create form to help you soar.

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Voice Work for Speakers

Voice work deals with the sound of your voice. Studies show that the sound of your voice has more impact on your audience the content you speak. Training helps free the natural sound of your voice increases power and passion.

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The Gospel of John with full set is a theater production perfect for your party, fundraiser, theater, chapel, church or school service or event.

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Creative Catalyst

A class designed to help your team work together and be creative. Using techniques of the theater Arthur will take your team through a program including improvisation designed to develop a way of working together that fosters creativity for your vision planning and brainstorming.

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Speech Development

You have to know what you want to say. But we can help you develop your speech. Our program gets you on your feet and out from behind the desk. Once moving we will guide you through a program to develop the content of your speech.

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Story Telling

Story shapes our world.

Nothing has more power to

Communicate your message

Than learning the language

of Story.

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